Easily Manage
Your javascript/css Libraries
from one single place

Just one JS Script for everything.

  • Install just 1 script for all JS Libraries
  • Test and Store your Experimental Projects on Cloud
  • Include from Popular CDN Libraries.
  • Create HTML Templates with ease.
  • Choose beautiful Fonts of your choice.
  • Add CSS styles & JS codes from web panel.
  • Create & Transfer HTML Plugins.
  • Manage everything easily from the Web Interface.
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Speed Things Up

<A token of to our fellow frontend developers. Now you can accelarate your development by saving countless hours searching and trying to integrate frontend Libraries, fonts etc./>


  • Create a template and showcase it on your Profile
  • Install & Manage CDN Libraries with version control.
  • Choose from various Web Fonts available.
  • Add custom CSS & JS Scripts to you Website.
  • All this can be easily managed from our Web Panel.
  • Create a custom HTML Plugins & use across your other Websites.
  • Get a personal profile page to showcase your HTML Templates.
  • Get a nice Intuitive Statistics on your Dashboard.
  • Add unlimited websites with our Premium Package.

How to Use?

  • 1. Register an Account with us.
  • 2. Create a New Profile for your project.
  • 3. Copy our magic script.js & paste it before </body> tag
        or just use templates to create it on cloud.
  • 4. That's It!. Now let the Fun Begin.
  • 5. Now Go to CDN Library to add your favorite. Ex: Twitter Bootstrap.
  • 6. Add an Elegant Font required to beautify your project.
  • 7. Manage CSS and JS Codes from our panel. Now isn't that Fun?
  • 8. Make an HTML Plugin and re-use it later for other projects.
  • 9. Share your Templates to Public from your User Profile.
  • 10. Save your favourite User Profile to the List.
  • 11. Any further queries please feel free to Contact Us.
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